I am going to check around and see if I can find photographs of actors that I envision as playing the various characters (NPCs for certain) and will be adding them as we go.

Beginning Player/Characters are:
Sterling “Isaac” Stevens as Aiden Roundtree an established wizard of the White Council:
Guardian of the Greenwood and Emissary of the White Council, with Roots in the Community and A Way with Green Things. Since the death of his Mentor at the hands of the Red Court, he has accepted his mentor’s Aegis of the Mantel and recently Friendship’s Bond with the heir to Cuchulain. Trouble comes his way because You Know My Family.

Sarah Bachemin as Lily-Marie LaFitte a novice wizard stepping into her mentor’s shoes:
The White Witch of New Orleans with Cajun Family Values, the war with the Red Court left her a War Orphan as well as a Bartender Extraordinaire. Recent events have caused locals to wonder Is She a Good Witch or a Bad Witch though most often she seems to be the White Witch in Shining Armor. She’s never really quite what she seems because No I Just Dress Like One.

Kevin Bachemin as Anthony “Tony” Maranello a pure mortal with connections to the shadow world:
The Sword of God for the shadowy Venatori Umbrorum, he occassionally runs into trouble because of his old world Family Values.

Richard Powers as Collin O’Cullen descendant of Cuchulain:
Champion of the Spring Court he is often called upon by those in need because of the Heritage of Eire and his standing as Ildanach. Recently he became the wielder of Gae Assail and his growing friendship with Aiden Roundtree has him Grounded in the Green. The young man is troubled though by Cuchulain’s Curse.

More characters may be joining the krewe very soon.

The New Order Rises

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