The New Order Rises

Meeting the Players

Who's watching the watchers

3 years since Changes and the death of Ena

Collin – bounce and serve at Neutral Ground; 2 other employees- cook and server

Lily and Aiden made Wardens by Ramirez and Lucia.

Ectomancer and fish-man

Accorded neutral grounds – threshold and protective magics-must be invited in to upstairs; minor threshold downstairs?

Males with turtlenecks, smell of fish, “cold fish emotionally”. Don’t pay attention to male or female dancers. Regular supernatural customers have been disappearing.

Fate Points: 1
Billy and Sandra, minor talents, psychometers. Sandra gone missing from Jackson Square this morning. Street performer, money was not taken.
Thaumaturgy – tracing cloud on personal item (role of 12)
Double rainbow pointing the way towards the river
Tony has a car: Lexus
Warehouse by the river. Major wards.
Threw up a veil on the car, which went poof. Collin takes out turtleneck on roof but gets their attention and we drop the veil.
Collin leaps into the trapdoor. Misses the catwalk but grasps it.
Lily blasts the doors open with lightening using her sword as a focus item.
Tony goes onto the roof after the gunshots, grabs weapon from down turtleneck.
Aiden stands less than menacingly in the doorway and “You’ve seen what we can do to a metal door, do you really want to try us?”
Collin jumps down and 8 bad guys open up on him with various automatic weapons but he manages to dodge.
Tony comes running over and looks down through the trapdoor. Sees 2 other turtlenecks by a cage with people in it. Tony fires on three on the catwalk, two fall off, one hangs on.
One falls onto Collins spear and gets stuck. Collin gets wounded, again, taking out one of his hands. Flings the body at one of the ones shooting at him and takes him.
Aiden blows two away.
Taken out: 5, left with 5: 2 in the center of the room, one on the catwalk, 2 by the cage. And the room goes dark.
Lily casts lightening towards the catwalk. Lightening comes down through the trapdoor and grounds through all of the metal in the room taking out the guy on the catwalk. Tony dodges the lightening but is immobilized temporarily.
Aiden blasts again and takes out at least one guy.
Collin attacks the darkness and hits a metal object.
Lily gets a headache, giving her two more mental stress points. She tosses out a light potion/item lighting the room. Two turtlenecks by cage, which Collin ran into.
Aiden attempts to trap/immobilize the last turtleneck, but he dodged. Collin took off his head. All bad=dead. Combat ends.
Release people in the cage, return Sandra to her brother and question the captives to learn what we may.
Examine the turtlenecks covered gills on the neck. Bleed green, webbed fingers.
All captives were minor talents, not there long and didn’t know why they were taken.


LordDraqo LordDraqo

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