The New Order Rises

Not All Is As It Seems

Gaming Session February 25th

Recap of last session: The champion of the Spring Court had set fire to Louis Armstrong Park, along with a super cell storm in a battle with the Fomori. There was a bomb detonated inside of the Mikelia Jackson theater, damaging the stage but leaving the structure standing. Rescued from the park was the woman hostage, Cheryl Drake, who also happens to be a dragon.

Aiden and Lily are examine the shackles binding Cheryl’s wrists. First Lily Marie asks if she would like a drink. Lily fetches whisky for Cheryl. They ask if there is anyone we could contact for her? Cheryl doesn’t want them to contact anyone, she says she is on the outs with her family. Aiden knows that dragons are sources of great power, and any ritual sacrifice involving dragon sacrifice would yield massive results, a blood rite. Aiden asks how she was captured. She replies that it was at a party, and she was drugged and had no idea who or what had captured her.

Cheryl looks very wide eyed and innocent. It is established that Cheryl is still under the influences of whatever drug or spell was used to subdue her. Aiden sets up a biomancy ritual to determine what is effecting her and how to neutralize it.

It appears that she is wrapped in viridescent purple vines which are growing out of the shackles. The vines appear to be draining her mana, similar to a red court vampire on a human. Lily explains the situation to Cheryl. Aiden attempts to prune the hedges, allowing Cheryl to become more lucid. Aiden’s staff throbs with power that he barely is able to contain with the difficulty of the spell. The shackle vanish, as do all the vining. Lily Marie sees Cheryl’s eyes turn liquid gold as if lit from behind.

Collin sits bolt upright in bed, aware that something just happened.

Cheryl narrows her eyes and asks what she is doing here. Lily Marie and Aiden explain what Cheryl had been through. Cheryl explains she is from Ethrigar and that she was attacked by the Deep Ones. Collin arrives with Gae Assail. Cheryl appears to sit up and grow six inches as her enters. She appears to recognize the spear and does not like it, nor it’s wielder. Aiden smudges the circle to release Cheryl. She realizes she is on neutral territory. She stands, and the sheet transforms into a chain mail gown, while moving towards the door. Lily escorts her downstairs and offers her refreshments.

Tony walks into the bar and Lily catches his eye, raising her eyebrows. Tony grabs Aiden and drags him off into the kitchen, asking him what in the world he did and why Cheryl is walking around. Tony head butts Aiden before launching him out of the kitchen.

Lily brings over a bottle of Jamison’s and glasses. Cheryl speaks with Lily about her capture. Collin asks where Ethrigar is, to which she supplies a quip about his being e wielder of the spear and not knowing the answer to that question. Druidic knowledge allows Aiden to explain to the party, around the bag of ice on his face, that it is one of the draconic fiefs in the Nevernever, which owns fealty to Ferrovax. Ferrovax is a baron who reports to Cheryl’s father.

Tony’s phone rings and he walks outside to answer it. He speaks with Father Christiano who wishes to know more about the reports of a terrorist bombing and unnatural phenomenon at the Andrew Jackson Park.

Three men in SaS relaxed outfits exit a black sedan after pulling up at the Neutral Ground, escort two other individuals, one male and one female, in turtlenecks with sport coats. They enter the bar and notice Collin, at which point they invoke the accords to reclaim the property which was stolen from them. The claim to invoke them by the name of the Old one who sat at the table when they were signed.

Cheryl steps out and challenges them to take her back if they can. The formori back out the bar and leave again. The sound of two doors closing and the car pulling away can be heard. Tony goes upstairs and watches for a time until he notices three silhouettes watching the bar. Tony suggests Aiden and Collin go out to sniff out the three watching the bar while in disguise.

There is one individual at the end of the alleyway leading from the back of the bar who smells of Formor. Aiden and Collin continue to look in the area for potential Formor agents, with Collin’s nose leading the way. The two discover approximately a baker’s dozen Formori posted around the Neutral Ground. Also, Aiden notices that some of the shadowy people are breaking away from their posts and following them. There are about four people following Aiden and Collin. While trying to act nonchalant, Aiden lets the Formori know he noticed them. Six Formor begin to move purposely toward Aiden and Collin to flank them.

In dog form, Collin growls at the approaching Formori, terrifying the mundanes around him. The Formori, however, pull out guns. Collin and Aiden and begin to run toward the Neutral Ground, but two Formori block their way. Tony, from a second story window in the Neutral Ground takes out one of the attackers with a head shot. The remaining Formor fires at Collin, hitting him and hobbling his left foreleg. Collin tackles the Formor, knocking it to the ground and continues into the pub with Aiden.

Now in the courtyard of the pub, Collin becomes human again. He and Aiden stop to notice that they are not being followed because Tony has laid down cover fire. The Formori begin to retreat as sirens are heard in the background. Collin then decides to revert back to his dog form, for ease of explanation. Cops rush onto the scene, securing it and examining the dead body. Tony recognizes his cousin Vinnie amongst the officers.

The police begin to interrogate Lily who explains that Aiden was walking his dog when he was caught up in a mugging gone wrong. She tells the police that the dog was shot in the scuffle and needs medical attention. The police call for a vet while they take everyone’s statements. Lily flirts/bribes/charms/seduces the NOPD officers to distract them from Aiden’s social ineptitude. The officers leave them be for the moment. Tony chats with Vinnie, who tells him about the terrorist attack on the Mahalia Jackson, hinting that the police have no idea what is going on. Vinnie, noticing Collin, begins to call dispatch, but Aiden hexes his radio and all the other radios in the area…and Tony’s phone again. The medics arrive and remove the body, and everything is wrapped up in about thirty minutes.

The police, EMS, and animal control finally depart the scene, and the group retires into the Neutral Ground for the evening. Lily, dragging Aiden and Collin into the bar, demands to know what happened. While Aiden is giving his explanation, Ramirez calls. Lily brings Ramirez up to speed. In the process, the White Council is made aware of Collin and his position in the Spring Court. After Aiden and Lily tell Ramirez that the Council has become involved due to their investigation, they are given the green light to continue.

Cheryl is invited to stay at the Neutral Ground and accepts. Tony leaves to get a new phone and go home to rest. Aiden goes home to speak with Sandy. Everyone returns to their respective domiciles for the night to sleep safely.

When Tony returns home, he finds Father Christiano there waiting for him. He speaks to Tony about a supernatural presence in the city that has become a problem. The Father brings up the event that occurred in at the theatre, and he tells Tony that the problem must be eliminated. When Tony asks if the Father has any leads, the priest hands him a crucifix, telling him to “Trust in the Lord.” Father Christiano leaves, and Tony realizes that the cross is the Cross of St. Christopher. The cross was constructed by the Ordo Maleous.

During the slumber party, Lily discovers that Cheryl is a runaway…a teenage runaway. Cheryl tells Lily that dragons have even stricter familial ties, and that the act of harboring her is very bad.

Our heroes gather downstairs in the Neutral Grounds, discussing the night’s events over coffee while Niki cleans and prepares the bar for the day and Malik is cooking. Lily shared everything she had learned about the Draconic society and Cheryl’s part in it. Tony shares nothing and the rest of the party did not discover anything new or relevant.

They have had some aid from the Summer and Winter courts. Aiden realizes that there is something different about Tony. Several plans were discussed and quickly discarded, some of which offered either Colin or Cheryl as bait to lure the Femori out.

Aiden and Lily hop into her pickup truck to meet Wizard Rhodes at Loyola University. They pass three police cars zoom past going the opposite direction.

Back at the bar, the police arrive with a search warrant, looking for a large dog that fits the description of a dog that attacked a police officer a few days ago. Niki let’s them in, and they depart after not finding anything.

Arriving at Loyola, Aiden and Lily meet Wizard Rhodes at his office. Rhodes asks for their swords and examines Lily’s closely. He asks about the previous owner of the sword. Lily explains that Warden Quinn came from a long line of Wardens, and that this sword is a badge to their family as much as the gray wizards cloak. When Wizard Quinn died, she was the last Warden in her family and chose Lily as her heir and kin. Wizard Quinn used her death curse to empower it. (see item sheet)

Turning to Wizard Roundtree, Rhodes explains that they must now bond him to his blade. Upon entering the laboratory, they see three concentric circles placed in the slate floor. They old wizard directs Aiden to stand in the center of the circle and hold his sword. Rhodes uses blood to close the three circles and takes up his staff to begin the rite. Trembling and grimacing, Aiden appears to be experiencing some moderate discomfort. As the rite comes to a close, Aiden falls to his knees and the sword clatters to the ground. He holds his hands up and bloods seeps out to pool on the floor. His hands are lacerated badly. Wizard Rhodes shows concern for Aiden’s wounds, and explains that a wizard’s blood is forged into the sword. The old wizard binds his wounds as he explains that it will now perform as intended as a warden’s sword.

Before they leave, the old wizard asks them if they know anything about the large magical rite performed yesterday. It appears that it was a gateway ritual to open a gate beyond the Nevernever, to the Outside where the Elder gods dwell. There is a cabinet in the laboratory about the size of a gun case that seems out is place. Rhodes seems nervous about the Warden’s interest in the piece of furniture. Upon Lily asking about it’s contents, he replies that it only contains items her has been experimenting on. Lily asks him to open the cabinet.

Upon doing so reluctantly, he turns and speaks a word. Lily is stunned, but recovers quickly. She raises her sword and slashes out at the old wizard. Rhodes staggers into the cabinet, knocked off balance, and recovers to grab two swords out of the cabinet. Aiden swings his sword at Rhode’s ankles from his position on the floor, grazing him. Lily takes a vial from her pocket and quickly downs the contents, disappearing from view. Rhodes takes both swords and swings them wildly, advancing into the room. Aiden arises from the floor and yells for Rhodes to stand down. Rhodes turns to look at Aiden, and Lily slashes her sword across his back. As he spins around, swinging his swords wildly, they see blood seeping from the wound. Like parries his move easily. Aiden throws himself at Rhodes, but flies past him and drags Lily to the floor.

Wizard Rhodes escapes from the room. Lily chases him down the hall, still invisible, while Aiden staggers behind. Lily manages to keep her feet and not hurt anyone. Rhodes hits the end of the hallway and spins in front of the doors, crossing the swords at him. Aiden hits the fire alarm, which turns on the sprinkler system. Water pours down, dispelling all magic. Lily becomes visible and Rhodes appears to deflate. Lily charges down the hall, running him through the thigh. Rhodes sinks to the floor, nailed to the floor. Lily shoves the heal potion down his throat, before reaching into her pants for a roll of duct tape.

Two security guards barge into the hall, tazers ready, and yelling for them to freeze. Collin storms through the door and smashes the two security guards heads together, inadvertently killing them instantly. Collin throws Rhodes over his shoulder and they bolt back to the laboratory. Lily fills the duffel bag with the swords from the cabinet before quickly scanning the lab for anything useful. Lily finds a bunch of journals, amulets and maps of the city, which she scoops into the bag. The three head out the back, and they see a couple of security guards running towards the building. Aiden throws up a veil around them, obscuring them from view and they make their escape to the truck.

As they are returning to the bar with Colin in the back of the truck, a New Orleans police car turns and follows them. Colin leaps out of the back of the truck, running towards and over the police car before racing off. Lily glamours the back of the truck to look empty. The cop walks up and asks Aiden if he is Aiden Roundtree, to which he replies that he is Aiden Carmichael. He explains to the police how he accidentally cut himself while training with swords. Lily charms the police and they leave them with a warning.

They make it back to the Neutral Grounds. Aiden scans through the journals, which look to involve dark, even Kemlarian magic. They fill Tony in on the situation. Lily makes a call to the White Council and fills Ramirez in on the current situation. Ramirez tells them to be in Edinburgh tomorrow morning, with Rhodes and all the evidence. Ramirez tells them that some cleaners will be contacted to handle the situation at Loyola. Niki tends to Aiden’s wounds.

In a few hours the Femori’s 24 hour deadline will be up…


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