The New Order Rises

The House is on Fire

Party in the park with fireworks

Gaming Session 09/18/11

We find our intrepid heroes attempting to gather information regarding the Formori using their various channels. Night has fallen upon the Fat City and with it the local crowd is filtering in to The Neutral Ground, including some people who appear to not get out very much during the day. Danielle Dracos, Voodoo Priestess Renata Devilbliss, Frankie Mahoney, and Raison LeCuyer are among the regulars who come in to the bar.

There are many conversations going on regarding the warehouse fire last night and the consequential investigation into some possible white slavery racquet. Apparently, there is some concern among the movers and shakers in the city that things might be getting slightly out of hand. There are even some rumblings about a possible magical gang war going on.

Mike Paris, an EMT with the NOLA EMT service who is savvy to the supernatural world, responded last night to some kind of gang incident in the Garden District. He is sitting at one of the central tables by the fire and is relating the experience of some gangbanger managing to get his arm blown off who claimed someone threw a fireball on him.

Aiden comes in from working in the courtyard, to recognize Wizard Terrance Rhodes sitting at one of the tables near the fireplace. Wizard Rhodes has been with the White Council for many years. He recently moved to NOLA and teaches at Loyola. He at one time was Anastacia Luccia’s apprentice. There is a rumor going around that he has been working on a technique to be able to create new Warden’s swords.

Aiden and Rhodes strike up a friendly conversation, and Rhodes reveals that he has developed a technique for reassigning Warden swords to new Wardens. Lily Marie overhears their conversation as she drops off their drinks. The three Wizards of the White Council are being observed closely by Frankie Mahoney. Tony gives him the stink eye and successfully intimidates him to move off to get a drink from the bar from Nikki.

While passing out drinks, Lily Marie hears that there are some strange goings on over by the Mahalia Jackson Center.

Wizard Rhodes asks about the Fey that surround Aiden. While they are discussing the Fey Collin comes over to deliver food and Rhodes captures him in a Soul Gaze. Rhodes calls over Wizard Lafitte. Rhodes learns that both Lily and Aiden have been recently made Wardens of the White Council. He asks if they are aware of the Warlock who attacked a man in the Irish Channel (also called the second Ward) last night. After discussing how there are investigating events in New Orleans, and he offers to research the Formori for them.

Aiden and Lily Marie make an appointment to meet Wizard Rhodes at his office at Loyola on Wednesday to attune their swords. On his way out, Rhodes is almost run over by Carol and Meryll, the two Unseelie Winter satyrs, returning from their investigation. Tony chastises them for barging over Rhodes, which vexes the satyrs. Collin attempts to step in by reprimanding them as Champion of the Spring Court, which works for the moment. The satyrs share that the Formori have made a park to the North their base, and the Formori are surrounded by water. They have nests spread throughout the park, including several Shaman. It sounds like it might be the Louis Armstrong Park and the Mahalia Jackson Center in specific.

Collin called in Glimmer, and managed to call in a hoard of Faerie folk from the Summer Court into the bar. As the temperature rapidly rises, Collin directs them out into the courtyard, narrowly avoiding the fire risk. Collin attempts to drag Aiden with him. Lily calls after him to determine where they are going, before chasing after them waving a bar towel angrily. The Fey and Wardens convene in the courtyard for a strategy meeting. Tony manages to show up in the doorway without being noticed, and offers to make a call to turn off the fountains in the park.

Aiden attempts to employ the fire fey to setting the Formori nests on fire. Tony comments that bringing fire mayhem on a public park filled with mortals and Formori might not be the best battle plan. Collin replies that an invested mortal interest would chase the Formori out of there. At which point, the pixies took off for the Park. While Aiden and Lily attempt to calm themselves down enough to fix this, the fey bring Aiden his cloak and sword. Lily yells for Nikki to toss her the cloak and sword behind the bar and rushes off to play damage control.

Collin runs down the street after the Fey while Lily hails a horse-drawn cab to take them to Louis Armstrong Park. Collin arrives first, seeing the fey setting trees on fire, and the Formori returning fire, using shoulder mounted weapons which blow holes in the fire-fairies. Collin invokes Gale Force Winds, using sponsored Seelie magic. The Park is now pretty much a raging inferno in the middle of a gale-force wind. Tony and Aiden see a raging inferno rise from the Park, causing Aiden to loose control, hexing the lights and electronics in the immediate area.

When Aiden, Tony and Lily arrive, Colin is surrounded by two-dozen Formori and is covered with green oily acid. He is obviously injured and in trouble. Lily Marie takes up her Water Evocation and pulls the water from the nearby pond into the air. The water mixes with the wind creating a hurricane-like storm to put out the fires. Lily Marie squeals in pain and is knocked unceremoniously on her ass. Tony pulls an automatic weapon out of a briefcase and very smoothly opens up fire on the Formori surrounding Colin, taking out six in his first burst. Aiden invokes the Earth, causing the earth to rise so quickly that it tosses the Formori high into the air. Lily grunts in pain as the ground slams her in the back where she is lying. Tony manages to keep sites on the Formori while they are flying through the air. Colin is recovering quickly from his close encounter of the acidic kind. The Formori land scattered throughout the park on their backs.
Collin begins running around in a battle fever, swinging his spear and taking out ten of the Formori. Lily gets up and digs in her cargo pants to find a healing potion, quaffing it and pausing to catch her breath. Tony paused firing to avoid hitting Collin, looking around to find potential targets. Aiden invokes the Sight to see if he can find the Shamans and any other beings. There are three knots of energy over by the Mahalia Jackson Center.

Collin continues his battle fury, taking out three more Formori. Lily Marie unsheathes her sword and leaps into the fray behind Collin. Unlike Colin’s suave swordsmanship, Lily only looks like she knows which end is the pointy one. Tony is waiting for the next target to present itself. Aiden grabs Tony and heads towards the Mahalia Jackson Center to try and take out the Shaman.

Collin managed to take out the remaining five Formori. The immediate area appears clear. Lily Marie takes out after Tony and Aiden. Tony attempts to see into the second floor of the Center but the windows are fogged up, so he attempts the first floor doors. Aiden stealthily slinks up the stairs to try and enter on the second floor.

Collin finds Meryl in what appears to be a bone bear trap made from a fish’s mouth. Carol is laying about ten feet away from her and is not moving a whole lot. Collin attempts to open the trap, but only causes Meryl pain enough to cause her to pass out. Lily Marie goes down the stair to enter on the first floor behind Tony. Tony moves quietly through the darkness with Lily Marie not far upon his heels. Aiden attempts to sneak down the aisle of the theater but managed to run into some boxes, making noise.

Collin intimidates the Elvin archer Aeowyn into helping Meryl out of the bear trap. Lily continues to follow Tony, as Tony cautiously opens one door of the auditorium, leading with the barrel of the gun. Tony sees three large beastly creatures that appear to be a cross between a fish and an alligator, the shaman Formori. There is an altar on stage with three braziers on it. The three shaman surround the altar, chanting a ritual. Three Fomori warriors are spread around with weapons. Tony takes a bead on the first shaman. Aiden, having tripped on the boxes, is facing a Formori coming out of the doors of the auditorium. Aiden calls upon the Wind to throw the Formori back through the doors, down the aisle and onto the stage.

Collin calls down lightening from the staff, blowing up the altar and anything upon it. Lily Marie is not affected by the lightening strike, but when she tries to pull down lightening on the shaman, her spell fizzles. Tony reacquires his aim on the first shaman and takes him down with a headshot. Amazingly, he isn’t quite dead…yet. Aiden directs Collin’s berserker rage at the stage and Collin takes off running for the center of the auditorium.

Collin rushes the stage, leaping naked and furious through the air to get to the stage. Lily Marie calls down lightening, successfully this time, and catches all of the Formori on the stage on fire, and killing all of the warrior Formori. The first shaman who had the hole in his head is now dead. Tony takes a bead on the second shaman and takes him out. Aiden calls a controlled blast of wind at Collins heel, causing him to spin out of control towards the stage. Collin hits the stage with his head, passing out.

Lily Marie leaps onto the stage, splitting the last shaman in half with her sword while screaming cliché movie lines. There is a woman chained to the altar, unclothed but apparently completely unscathed despite the lightening that hit the altar. Tony hears sirens as he approaches the woman on the altar. Tony wraps her in part of a smoldering curtain and tosses her over his shoulder. Lily Marie helps Tony struggle out the auditorium with the naked, unconscious woman. Sandra and Aiden manage to pick up Collin and drag him out of the back door.

Out back is an unmarked white van with that the Formori had been using, and the keys just happened to be still in. Tony helps pile everyone in and then gets behind the wheel to drive everyone home. On the ride back home, the captive awakens. Cheryl Drake introduces herself and asks after the White Witch. Based on observed phenomenon, Aiden realizes she is of Draconic origin.

Once he drops them off at the bar, he leaves the van with someone who handles making cars clean and disappear.

They escort Cheryl upstairs to one of the guest rooms. Collin is passed out in his room. After examine the shackles, Lily Marie finds that there is an enchantment on them that would take a crafting ritual to remove. Aiden sends Sandy off to check on the status of the Fey before heading upstairs to look at the shackles.

Major Milestone


First comment is that the satyrs are named Meryl and Keryl (there is a Sheryl and a Beryl at home). The elven archer is Ewan.

The House is on Fire

I may retcon the actual assault on the altar since I have made some adjustments of Gae Assail. Take a look at what I have for Balefire and let me know what you think.

The House is on Fire
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