The New Order Rises

Trouble Brews

Three of the captive are not human, all are minor talents and young street kids but share no other characteristics. Billy’s sister has a greenish tinge to her hair.

Aiden and Collin stuff the fish bodies in to a crate and Collin veils the smell, while Lily shuffles the captives out the back door. All three run out the back door.

Tony manages to convince one of the responding officers, his cousin, that he was responding to a burglar alarm on the warehouse where his family has interest.

Collin manages to disappear and get the captives away while Lily and Aiden are questioned by two police officers. One recognizes Aiden but does not believe his excuse for being there. The second officer tries to call in for back up but the radio is hexed from being close to two mages. The second officer goes around to the front to call in back up.

The first officer pats down Lily Marie and removes her sword while Collin undresses in the shadows. Lily attempts to kick the police officer but he knocks her to the ground. Colin has transformed into an Irish wolfhound. Aiden shoves the police officer into the wall and takes a little backlash, getting a splitting headache and double vision.

Collin pounces on the police officer and knocks him down. Lily attempts to call lightening but it fizzles. Colin grapples with the officer and grabs his wrist. Lily and Aiden attempt to run away. The first officer comes back when the officer begins screaming. Aiden and Lily manage to get away, and Collin manages to dodge the bullets shot at him by the first officer and runs away.

Some of the young folk that we helped escape help Aiden, Colin and Lily to escape. As Aiden and Lily are stumbling through the Garden District, a police cruiser stops them. After determining their are intoxicated and walking home from a party, he offers to drive them home.

The warehouse is being secured, and the sword is taken into evidence.

Lily and Aiden hex the cop car which hits a tree. The police officer let’s them out of the car and Aiden offers to take a look at his wounds. The locals are hitting on Lily and gathering into an unruly crowd. Lily manages to distract and distract most of the crowd while Aiden takes officer off to a closely B&B. Aiden gets the officers card and promises to vouch for him to his CO. Aiden comes back and sees Lily being carted off by a three of the locals.

After exchanging words Aiden threatens to light him on fire with his brain. He casts and catches the guys sleeve in fire of the arm holding the gun. He drops the gun, Lily throws herself behind someone. Aiden get grazed by one of the bullets. The gun explodes and shrapnel gets the three locals. As this is occurring, Tony drives up in a rental car. The gunman’s arm us ruined. Tony calls in an ambulance anonymously and they head back to the neutral ground.

Back at the bar, Colin and Aiden discussed what the crate contain that they had gashed the bodies in and it contained a Howitzer.

Sleep and reset.

Tony-goes and engages in damage control, using a Legendary Contact gets the crate shipped off by the Venatori. Went home to get some sleep.

Colin-attempts to contact the Faerie Realm and got the genius locai of the French Quarter regarding the fish people and receives some information

Aiden-is sleeping it off and feeling bad for being a bad bad druid, plants some trees in reparation. Goes back to City Park and finds out Sandra is a dryad and there are faerie folk living in the Park. They are being asked to swear allegiance to the Fomori.

Lily-writes up report to Lucia and works on brewing potions and getting a new wardrobe. Light potion, obfuscating potion, healing potion, and a glamour potion. Stocks her bag with a change of clothes, flares, chalk, a fishing kit, duct tape, salt, cornmeal. Worked on getting her ’54 Ford truck. Leather boots with boot knife. Cargo pants? White tank top stays.

Dinner party called at Aidens house. Discussed missing persons/faeiries.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, the bar fills as the sun goes down with the dinner rush. Lily is distracted taking care if customers. There is a run on wines. The clientele appear to be from e SCA in authentic and all silk. It appears that two courts of the fae are attending the bar tonight, the Winter and Summer colors. Each group is clustered around a single young lady.

Lily warns Tony not to speak with or offer/accept anything from either groups. She addresses both courts simultaneously, thanking them for their patronage and asking for their desire. Mave and Lily both ask for mead. Mave asks for the Spring Champion. Lily figures out they mean Collin and calls him on his cell phone. Collin uses his inhuman speed to make it there quickly.

Aiden uses tree walking to open a portal to transport to the courtyard outside of the Neutral Ground. The Winter Lady shoots at wizards, but Aiden graciously is polite. The summer and winter ladies trade a few quips but Lady Lily reminds them of the neutral grounds.

Collin finally arrives, his spear on full display and addresses the princesses cordially. They ask what he is going to do about the attacks on their courts. He shares the information that the Genius Locai shared that the attacks were perpetrated by the Fomori. Mave notices the Fai gathered around the Druid Aiden, and asks about his involvement with them, asking if the White Council is now offering protection to e orphaned Fae. Collin slams the spear against the ground causing a strong peal of thunder and getting everyone’s attention. Mave offers the assistance of two of her court, young winter satyrs. Summer, not to be undone, offers Collin his pick of three of her court for assistance. Collin asks for an elven archer, a cob, and the summer lady herself.

The winter lady makes a quip which Aiden returns, and the winter lady storms out along with her court. The summer lady cannot accompany them without dishonoring the winter court as well. In her stead she sends Glimmer, a pixie. The summer court leave.

The two satyrs offer to find the Fomori and leave. Lily slink off into the back to call Anastasia Lucio to update her on what just happened and to ask her if the council wants her to assist. Ramirez advises her to duck and cover, and to limit insults to the courts. Tony calls the Venatori to inform them of the situation.

Collin has the cob work on the plumbing of the bar. The orphan fae offer to assist if Aiden is with them. They go into the courtyard and find that Mave brought Winter to the court. Aiden and the fae work to restore the plants.

Lily fills in Tony on the fae.

Collin goes to get his Spring Court gear from his apartment above the bar.

Tony gets a call from Vincent, asking about the weapons found in the warehouse. Tony gets him to bring the sword back from CSI. Vincent asks for help or information regarding the runaways, missing street kids and weapons. Vincent wondered if perhaps a slave trade might be going on and let’s Tony know that one of the Carmichael’s was running around the warehouse with Tony’s “stripper friend”.

Discuss the Femori weaknesses, strengths, numbers, locations, etc.


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