Cheryl Drake

Little girl on the run from an abusive family ... who just happen to be dragons.


Cheryl (T’Sharyl) Drake
High Concept:
Runaway Dragon:
Brook No Insult:
Other Aspects:
Daddy’s Girl: Used to getting her own way.
Am I Evil?: Questions her own motivations
Any Port in a Storm: Running away from home.
Hidden In Plain Sight: No one will see me here.
Actions Have Consequences…For Others:
Physical: OOOOOO (Armor + 1)
Social: OOOO (+ 1 Mild Consequence)
Mental: OOO
Superb – Might, Presence
Great – Athletics, Lore
Good – Alertness, Endurance
Fair – Deceit, Discipline
Average – Conviction; Fists
Supernatural Powers:
Beast Form (-1): Dragon
Claws (-1): Fists attacks as Weapon2 (+ 2From Inhuman Strength)
Breath Weapon (-2): Fire (treat as Unravelling)
Wings (-1): Flight (Uses Athletics Skill)
Human Form (+ 2): Regular Jane (All above powers); Involuntary Change (Strong Emotion)
Supernatural Sense (-2): Broad Senses
Inhuman Strength (-2): Improved Lifting; Bruising Strenth; Superior Strength; Hammer Blows
Inhuman Recovery (-2): Total Recovery; Fast Recovery; Vigorous; Shrug-it-off.
Inhuman Toughness (-2): Hard-to-hurt; Hard-to-kill.
The Catch: Impaling weapon to the “soft spot” below the solar plexus (Easily accessible knowledge with no special weapon requirements (+ 4)
Final Refresh: 3


Cheryl Drake is actually T’sharyl,, the daughter of a mid-level dragon in the Nevernever, who decided that she wanted to “run away” and visit our world. She has taken human form, and works as a bartender at The Neutral Ground, while attempting to avoid her father’s minions who are continually attempting to bring her back home.

Cheryl Drake

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