Frankie "Fingers" Mahony

Street-smart Sorcerer


Frankie “Fingers” Mahoney (Sorcerer) – 8 Refresh; 30 Skill Points/Cap Superb
High Aspect:
Street-Rat Sorcerer: A little less than a Wizard, but knows the streets.
“Oh, Crap”: Life doesn’t always run smoothly for Momma-Mahony’s boy.
Other Aspects:
Grew Up on the Mean Streets: Irish Channel Orphan, who knows the neighborhood.
Self-Taught Rough ‘n Tumble Magic: His magic was learned the hard way.
Sticky-Fingered Tagger: Always picking up things that don’t belong to him and leaving his mark.
Physical: OOO
Social: OOO
Mental: OOOO
Great (4): Conviction, Discipline
Good (
3): Burglary, Deceit, Lore
Fair (2): Alertness, Athletics, Craftsmanship, Stealth
Average (
1): Endurance, Fists, Presence, Rapport, Survival
Supernatural Powers:
Channeling (Air) [-2]
Thaumaturgy [-3] (Complexity: Divination +1)
The Sight/Soulgaze [-1]
Mortal Stunts:
Pickpocket (Deceit):
Adjusted Refresh: 1


Regular at The Neutral Grounds.

Frankie "Fingers" Mahony

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