Malick Khamal

Gay Muslim Cook at the Neutral Grounds.


Malick Khamal (Pure Mortal) Neutral Grounds’ Chef
High Concept:
Gourmet Chef and Short-order Cook

Other Aspects:
The Way of the Prophet:
Cooking is just like Chemistry, but without the BANG!:
I am a rainbow of color:
“I’m just a sweet transvestite … “
Great: Craftsmanship; Deceit
Good: Conviction, Weapons
Fair: Presence, Rapport
Average: Alertness, Discipline,
Devout Words (Conviction): The strength of your faith alone allows you to give others pause. You may use Conviction to perform a block in physical conflict, potentially preventing someone from making a conflict action against you.
Gourmet Cook (Craftsmanship): You work with your hands and the tools of a kitchen. You may use Craftsmanship rather than Performance to create “works-of-art.”
Make-up Artist (Deceit): Given enough time you can create very convincing disguises, ones that hold up to deeper inspection. Any attempt to see through the disguise using Investigation or Alertness faces an additional + 2 difficulty.
Juggler (Weapons): You may defend against thrown weapons attacks, bare-handed by catching the incoming weapon and may use your Weapons skill instead of Performance to entertain by juggling.
Riposte (Weapons): On a successful defense with Weapons, you may sacrifice your next action to turn that defense into an immediate and automatically successful attack. Your opponent must be within range of your weapon.
Physical OOO
Mental OOO
Social OOO
*Available Refresh: 3 *


Work in progress. Malick is a Pure Mortal Muslim who emigrated to the United States to pursue his two true loves. Cooking and homosexuality/tranvestism. The rest will evolve as we go.

Malick Khamal

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