Nicole (Niki) Flamel

Pyromantically inclined bartender and Lily-Marie's cousin


Nicole (Niki) Flamel – 7Refresh 25Skill Points/Cap Great
High Concept:
Flamboyant Bartender
“Hey watch this!”
Other Aspects:
Born on the Bayou
So you think I’m Hot?
A Shoulder To Cry On
“I’ll tell my cousin!”
Great: Conviction, Presence
Good: Empathy, Performance
Fair: Contacts, Discipline, Rapport
Average: Athletics, Burglary, Driving, Lore, Scholarship Skills:
Mixed Drinks (Performance): + 2 to Performance when using it to make alcoholic drinks.
Sex Appeal (Rapport): + 2 On any seduction attempts with any receptive target.
Supernatural Powers:
Channeling (Pyromancy) [-2]
Ritual (Potions) [-2]
Physical: OO
Social: OOOO
Mental: OOOO

Available Refresh: 1


Born and raised in Cut Off Louisiana, when she turned 18 Niki decided to move to the Big Easy. The Red Court War and the event’s of Changes have left Lily-Marie as the only family Niki has.

Nicole (Niki) Flamel

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