Sandalwood "Sandy"

Aidan's dryad groupy


High Concept: Wyldfae Tree Spirit
Other Aspects: Bound to My Tree; Seasonal Allegiance
Great (+4): Stealth
Good (+3): Survival, Fists
Fair (+2): Athletics, Alertness, Deceit
Average (+1): Endurance, Investigation, Might, Presence
Animal Magnetism (Survival): As a child of Nature, you may use your Survival skill when making seduction attempts.
Traceless (Stealth): You don’t seem to leave footprints. The difficulty to track your movements is 2 shifts higher.
Sneak Attack (Stealth): You prefer to attack by surprise. When preparing or carrying out an ambush, add two to your Stealth skill.
One with the Trees (Stealth): You are a master of arboreal subterfuge. Add two to your Stealth as long as you are in woodlands, and the difficulty of moving stealthily through plant-based borders is reduced by two.
Glamours [-2]
Inhuman Strength [-2]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
Supernatural Toughness [-4]
The Catch [+4] is cold iron and such, as well as fire
Total Refresh Cost:
Refresh Total:
Mental OO
Physical OOO, Armor:2
Social OOO


Sandalwood "Sandy"

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