Terrence Rhodes

Blue-blooded Wizard of the White Council


Terrance Rhodes *(Wizard) – 10 Refresh 35 Skill Points/Cap Superb.
*High Concept:

Blue-Blooded Wizard of the White Council: Wealth and Power combined with magical talent.
Old Money, New Problems: As a result of the Red Court War, Rhodes has had to emigrate.
Other Aspects:
More Degrees Than a Thermometer: Visiting Professor at Loyola University.
Student of Luccio: Was apprenticed to Anastasia Luccio.
Every Problem Has a Solution: Given time to think, he can solve any problem, and knows it.
Golden Boy of the White Council: Beloved by the Senior Council for his talent.
Physical: OOO
Social: OOO
Mental: OOOO
Superb (+ 5): Lore, Resources
Great (+ 4): Conviction, Discipline
Good (+ 3): Craftsmanship, Scholarship
Fair (+ 2): Contacts, Rapport, Presence
Average (+ 1): Alertness, Athletics, Endurance, Investigation, Weapons
Supernatural Powers:
Evocation [-3] (Specializations: Earth, Fire, Air; Offensive Power: Earth +1; Defensive Power: Air +1)
Thaumaturgy [-3] (Frequency: Crafting +2)
The Sight/Soulgaze [-1]
Wizard’s Constitution [-0]
Refinement [-1]
Mortal Stunts:
Lush Lifestyle (Resources):
Adjusted Refresh: 1


Terrence Rhodes was apprenticed to Anastacia Luccio in his youth, and demonstrated a singular talent for Crafting items of magical puissance. Following the events of the novel Dead Beat Terrence was called upon to take up the duty of crafting swords for the Wardens of the White Council. He has been moderately successful, though unable to keep up with the demand caused by the War with the Red Court. One thing he has discovered is that it is possible to re-tune a Warden’s sword, so that it may be wielded by a successor, as long as the successor is someone closely attuned to the original Warden (either a blood-relative or an apprentice).

Following the events of the novel Changes, Rhodes emigrated from Glascow to New Orleans, and accepted a teaching position at Loyola University so that he is now the Face of the University Quarter.

Terrence Rhodes

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