Vinnie Triapani

Tony's cousin the NOPD


Vincent “Vinnie” Triapani (Pure Mortal) – 6 Refresh 20 Skill Points/Cap at Great.
High Aspect:
Clued-In Beat Cop: A rookie cop who is aware that strange shit is happening on the streets of New Orleans
By the Book:As a rookie he needs to remember to follow procedure, no matter the cost.
Other Aspects:
Mi Familia: Vincent’s Sicilian heritage often comes into conflict with his duty.
“Don’t Call me Vinnie!”: Vincent is young, looks it, and hates being reminded of it.
Just the Facts: Vincent is constantly working to be certain he has all of the information before he reaches a conclusion
(Ally of the Venatori): Exposure to the events of Chapter One have given him a clue as to the Venatori.
Physical: OOO
Social: OOO
Mental: OO
Great (4): Investigation
Good (
3): Alertness, Guns
Fair (2): Athletics, Endurance, Fists
Average (
1): Contacts, Driving, Intimidation, Presence
Mortal Stunts:
    Armed Arts (Fists):
    Quick Eye (Investigation):
    Scene of the Crime (Investigation):
    Freeze! Police! (Intimidation): +2 to all Intimidation rolls when acting in your official capacity as a law enforcement officer
Adjusted Refresh: +4


Tony Maranello’s cousin and a rookie on the NOPD. Was a first responder to the warehouse incident in Chapter One.

Vinnie Triapani

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