Gae Assail

Lugh's "lightning spear"

weapon (melee)

Gae Assail * — Item of Power *-7
Description: A finely-crafted spear of golden-bronze, made by Lugh to be wielded by the Spring Champion. It grants some access to Lugh’s natural power, which can be used to enhance natural abilities.
Musts: You must have an aspect related to your possession of this item.
Skills Affected: Weapons, Conviction, Athletics, Alertness, Stealth, Lore, Discipline
[-0] Purpose. This item was made by Lugh to aid his champion. If the wielder ever ceases to be the Champion of the Spring Court, this item will not work for him.
[-0] It Is What It Is. It’s a spear. Weapon 3.
[-0] Unbreakable. As an Item of Power, the spear cannot be broken except with a magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose.
[+ 2] One-Time Discount. It’s a spear. It does collapse to the length of a walking-stick, but you can’t just put it in your pocket.
[-1] Never Far From Reach. Gae Assail can be thrown as a weapon up to 2 zones away (instead of the standard 1). Upon striking or missing, it returns to its owner’s hand on the following exchange. This ability only works when the hammer is thrown. If the hammer caught, stuck, or taken from the bearer the hammer will not magically return.
[-4] Sponsored Spring Court Magic. The wielder is able to cast spells that fit its essential nature: wildness, hunting, balefire, predation.
[+ 2] Magical Self-enhancement. This power allows the user to grant themselves access to the selected powers through evocation.
[-2] Inhuman Speed.
[-2] Inhuman Strength.
[-2] Inhuman Recovery.


Gae Assail is one of the weapons wielded by the Celtic God Lugh. It is an Item of Power providing Sponsored Summer/Wyld Magic and allowing Magical Self-Enhancement.

Gae Assail

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