Saolin -- Spring Court Magic

Sponsored magic of the faerie spring court.


Description: Drawing upon the Pure Way, the power of the fallen Spring Court, you are able to cast spells that fit its essential nature: change, growth, renewal, light, vitality and earth. These magics are under the sway and watch of the Oberon, Lord of Faerie and inevitably making use of them will draw his notice. This is ancient and rarely practiced lore, focusing on bringing forth the new. This is the power to reveal what is hidden, restore what has been lost and replace what no longer serves its purpose.
Sponsor: The Faerie Lord Oberon and his Spring Court.
Agenda: The revelation of what is hidden, the restoration of what has been lost, the replacement of what no longer has a purpose, and the creation of the new. Plus the destruction of opposing Courts.
Evocation: Spring Magic Evocations make use of water, plant life, and light.
Thaumaturgy: Spring Magic rituals can be used to create things, to create and manipulate light, or to reveal secrets.
Evothaum: Spring Magic allows its user to cast photomancy rituals with the speed and methods of Evocation.
Extra Benefits: Spring Magic ignores one level of Toughness when used against faeries of opposing Courts.


Saolin -- Spring Court Magic

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