Anthony "Tony" Maranello

Former priest turned supernatual hitman.


High Concept – Sword of God

Trouble Aspect – Doing the “Right” thing.

Other Aspects – “The Family” Ties, Trick Shot, Things that would turn you white!, Not always the good guy, Damage control.

Superb – Athletics, Conviction
Great – Guns, Presence
Good – Contacts, Intimidation
Fair – Stealth, Endurance, Alertness
Average – Investigation, Resources, Burglary, Scholarship, Rapport

Paranoid (Alertness)
Too Fast to Hit (Athletics)
Tower of Faith (Conviction)
Pin them Down (Guns)
Target Rich Environment (Guns)
Subtle Menace (Intimidation)
The Weight of Reputation (Presence)
Blend In (Stealth)


((This is still a work in progress currently and not complete))

Anthony was born into the prominent Sicilian Mafia family of the New Orleans area. As most children he grew up unaware of his families ‘business’ or that anything was unusual from having a large number of ‘uncles’ who always seemed to be around to keep an eye on him.

As he grew these things started to stand out from other kids, and when he reached early adulthood it was all but impossible to ignore. Anthony never really agreed to what his family did but they were his family, so he took one of the few acceptable paths open to him and entered the seminary.

Devoting himself to his new life went well until one late night outside of the St. Louis Cathedral Tony witnessed a fight between two individuals. Unknown to Tony at the time, both of them were vampires, one of the Red Court and one of the White. During the battle the Red vampire’s fleshmask was stripped to reveal the horror underneath as it killed the White. Catching wind of Tony’s presence the Red tried to take him down as well, but he retreated within the safety of the Cathedral until sunrise.

Tony’s life was dogged by nightmares and fear of what he had seen. Almost none he told would listen except for one man he met in an out-of-the-way bar one night. Over time they developed a working friendship that helped to ground Tony’s sanity.

Unfortunately, the Red Court was working on it’s end as well and had Tony removed from the seminary, and at one point had tried to unknowingly recruit his family to have him killed. Through odd coincidences and luck, Tony managed to avoid the attempts on his life and decided that if the Church would no longer be an option to him then he had a new calling, and one his family could help him prepare.

Tony made an odd turn at this point to get more in touch with his family’s Mafia side. He took up physical training and firearms which were always readily available. Choking down some of his revulsion at what it meant, he also took certain jobs for the Family in return for their help, but never once killed a human. Swallowing all these emotions left Tony looking very hard and intimidating to many who came to know him during this time.

Anthony "Tony" Maranello

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