Lily Marie Lafitte

A young wizard from a cajun family who is stepping into her late mentor's shoes as a newly made Warden.


High Concept:
White Witch of New Orleans
Trouble Aspect:
I Just Look Like It
Other Aspects:
War Orphan
Cajun Family Values
Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?
White Witch in Shinning Armor
Bartender Extraordinaire
Superb: Discipline
Great: Lore, Presence
Good: Survival, Contacts, Rapport
Fair: Stealth, Resources, Alertness, Conviction
Average: Athletics, Driving, Intimidation, Empathy, Performance
Evocation (WATER, air, fire)
Thaumaturgy (Thematic Thaumaturgy: Weather)
The Sight
Wizard’s Constitution


Lily Marie Lafitte, b.1979 in the Bayous of Barataria LA

Lily Marie was born into a large wizarding family with Cajun roots. The Lafitte family includes female magical practitioners who haven’t study formally but have practiced minor swamp magic and healing for generations. Lily Marie developed her talents early, at age 15. When she proved to be stronger than any other woman in her family they sought a White Council mentor for her, Ena MacCroigh. Sensitive about her heritage, Lily often feels she is not taken seriously or is underestimated as a female cajun witch. She is friendly, family-oriented, and fun loving. However, her appearance and dress can sometimes get her into trouble. Lily Marie is also the proprietor of The Neutral Ground, a bar catering to the supernatural community in downtown New Orleans.

Guest Starring in Eye Witness and To Acquire the Spear

When Lily’s mentor Ena MacCroigh takes on the Red Court in a battle in downtown New Orleans, Lily is unable to save her and watches the Warden slayed. Will Lily survive the battle without scars?

Being the chivalrous Irish type, Colin couldn’t do other than help the frightened young woman. Unfortunately, being who he is he accidentally drug her into affairs of the Spring Court. She convinced herself to attempt a complex binding when she saw how helpless Colin seemed without his spear.

Tony calls on Lily to help him track and bring down one of the Red Court Vampires who may have been responsible for her mentor’s death. Working together they uncover …a new Player.

Lily Marie Lafitte

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